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OpenTalk Developer Documentation

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Even though we don't have collaboration processes established yet, we have channels through which you can communicate with some of the developers. Please be aware that there is no guarantee for an answer, because developers are present in these channels purely on their own initiative.

Source Code

OpenTalk is an Open Source project published under the EUPL-1.2 license. The source code is publicly available in git repositories under the OpenTalk organization on OpenCoDE.

Development of the project happens on a private OpenTalk GitLab instance. For now, the source code on OpenCoDE is just a mirror of that code which gets synchronized for every commit that gets merged into the main or release branches of the internal repositories. It has yet to be decided how contributions can be accepted from the community without having to continuously bridge issues and MRs between different platforms. Therefore opening merge requests on OpenCoDE is currently not possible.

Source code on other platforms

OpenTalk works towards publishing all open source code written in Rust on the community crate registry. The code is published by the OpenTalk-Bot user. Please be aware that not all code is published yet, and we need to remove some blockers by e.g. restructuring or publishing internal crates first.